1991 – 1994

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Anyway, I digress. By 1993 we were already thinking we should do SOMETHING wonderful....the very first National Specialty had been held  in 1991 in Princeton, New Jersey, many of us went. We brought guacamole and chips (really, did we think that we couldn't buy tortilla chips in New Jersey?) Well, we brought them anyway - and artichokes too! Symbols of California hospitality?

Now then back to 1993, we held our first Supported Entry at the Santa Rosa show in Fall of the year. But wait, we weren't really just holding a supported entry - we were auditioning for our very first National Specialty—oh my, we had gone over the edge! Several PWDCA officers came out to see what we could do. The PWDCA actually granted us the 1994 National Specialty to host based on our fine performance at the Supported Entry in 1993. From 1993 until 1994 we worked feverishly to put together such a Specialty as the Easterners had never before seen.

We must have been nuts! We started planning for our Specialty at the December Holiday Party with the auction of two painted ornaments—they brought in a total of $65 and with that mega (not) handful of cash, we began planning a national  specialty! And we pulled it off! We hosted the Specialty at the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael, our host hotel was the Embassy Suites and the water trial was held at nearby China Camp. What were we thinking — hold the water trial in salt water? Yes, we did prove to those ‘other’ coast people that PWDs could swim and compete in salt water (it's really brackish as there is a river outlet nearby). We had a fabulous  Specialty and hosted the VERY FIRST AKC Agility trial West of the Mississippi and only the second AKC agility trial ever held anywhere!

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