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Through the remainder of the 90's our Club continued to grow and prosper. We added new members and began new activities. To help raise money we put on an annual all breed obedience fun match each Fall. We had as many as 16 rings operating simultaneously. The money raised bought water trial equipment and obedience equipment and helped us pay the bills. Our biggest bill at the time was the storage locker in which we kept all that purchased equipment. Our August water trials became a standard of excellence. Our annual holiday bash at Happiness Kennels always fell on a very rainy day and we always had a great time with upwards of thirty dogs participating in relay races, opening gifts and having their pictures taken with Santa.

In 1997 our club worked cooperatively with the Pacific Northwest Club and ran one day of their water trial at the National Specialty they hosted. By the end of the 90's we were in a feverish pitch to again put in a bid for a national specialty.


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